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    Founder of Christ Kune Do

 Mr. John is a fifty year old Father of seven. Husband to Jami L. Kastner. John and Jami have been married for eightteen years. John has been in martial arts for 37 years, in one aspect or another. John also has formal military training as well. He has studied many different martial arts and has top ranking belts in most of them including 4th. degree black belt in Kempo Goju Karate, a 5th. degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, a purple belt in Jiu jitsu. John has studied Muay Thai for ten years and has the title Kru. John has known Christ Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior for twenty-four years now. John and Jami have ran youth ministry, lead worship, and have been Sunday school leaders. All of John's passions played a roll in the development of Christ Kune Do. John's love for God, his family, and the love for martial arts are all key factors in the Christ Kune Do program. John's goal through Christ Kune Do is to not only teach children of all ages about martial arts, but to develop fully devoted followers of Christ Jesus. 

II Timothy 4:7"I have fought the good fight, I have kept the faith"  



I love Christ Kune Do. My dad teaches and founded it. It is very good for me, I learn about God We pray before and after class. I can do the splits. I can kick very high. I love kicking and punching Bob(that's what we call the kicking dummy)It helps me with my shyness. I love learning about God in class. I am a white with a strip.

Hannah Kastner (student)

I love Christ Kune Do. I love learning about God in class. I am normaly very shy but martial arts pulls me out of my shell. When I am in class I am more confident in what I can do. I love praying when we start class and when we finish class. I like watching power rangers on TV. I really like Tommy(Jason David Frank) he was the longest ranger ever plus he is a Christian. My dad is training us right now. We hope to find a building soon so we can train others in Christ Kune Do so they can learn about God and martail arts.

Jeremiah Kastner (student)